Samsung may have sold through its entire stock of Galaxy Z Flip devices for right now, but you can still snag one from carriers. Both AT&T and Sprint have the Z Flip available for purchase, but you will have to wait a few weeks. Oh, and you'll also have to spend a lot of money.

The AT&T version of the phone costs the same $1,380 upfront as the unlocked model. Most buyers will probably do the 30-month installment plan, though. That adds $46 to your monthly bill. Meanwhile, Sprint is pushing its 18-month lease option at $57.50 for 18 months. You need to either purchase or return (in undamaged condition) the phone at the end of that term. Considering what we know about the phone's durability, a lease might not be ideal. Sprint will also sell you the phone outright for $1,380.

Samsung's unlocked version will presumably return in the coming weeks, but Samsung won't let you pre-order one at this time. You can only sign up for email alerts when it's back. AT&T says the phone will arrive between February 27th and March 3rd if you order now. Sprint has a similar 2/28-3/6 range.