Samsung announced a slew of accessories for its new Galaxy S20 line-up yesterday, but failed to mention the one gadget everyone needs these days: battery packs. They may not be as sexy as LED or Kvadrat cases, but they can be real lifesavers, and soon Samsung will be selling an powerful pair of power banks with up to 25W USB-C output.

Although Samsung is positioning these battery packs as S20 accessories, they'll work well with any other smartphones that support 25W super fast charging (think Galaxy Note10, A60, A70, etc...). Both models have a 10,000mAh capacity, at least one USB-C port for input and output, and come with a charging cable.

25W Battery Pack

But the similarities end here. One of them (pictured at the top of the post) is taller and houses a 7.5W Qi wireless charging pad for your phone, accessory, or wearable. It also has an additional USB-C port, allowing it to fill up to three gadgets simultaneously. The second is more basic and offers a secondary USB-A port without any Qi abilities.

Left: Regular battery pack. Right: Wireless battery pack.

Price and availability for these power banks is unknown at this point, but it seems like they'll be available everywhere the S20 is. We'll let you know once we spot them up for sale.

US Pricing

The US listings for the two battery packs are now live. The bigger and better Qi model will cost $80, but we don't know how much the basic, non-Qi model will be priced at. Both aren't available on Amazon or other retailers yet.