Your Phone is a powerful productivity tool, allowing you to mirror your display to your PC, and even make voice calls on your Windows machine. Today, Microsoft announced that the new Samsung Galaxy S20 series is bringing RCS to your computer.

RCS had a troubled start but finally started gaining traction when Google bypassed carriers and rolled it out widely in the US and Europe. Samsung also integrated RCS into its SMS app, removing the need to switch to Google's messaging app. Starting with the S20, you'll now be able to send and receive RCS messages through Microsoft's Your Phone app, provided you're using Samsung's app.

Your Phone already allows display mirroring, photo and video transfer, SMS support, and mirroring all of your notifications into the Windows notification panel. RCS support makes an already useful app even better and should help RCS become more popular. We don't know if this will remain exclusive to the S20, but I wouldn't be surprised to see older Galaxy phones join the roster later on.