There are plenty of ways to manage your passwords — Android Police has our own ways — and one of them is to trust Google Chrome with your precious authentication phrases. The browser recently started tracking data leaks for passwords and now, we're learning about an upcoming feature that will let users choose which passwords to sync to their Google accounts for convenience and which to keep to specific devices for increased security.

Chrome Story tracked down a commit and a bug ticket for Chromium indicating that developers are working interfaces and APIs for saving passwords through Chrome either locally or to the Google Account. The project is titled "Butter for Passwords":

Adapt chrome://settings/passwords to support account-storage passwords. This includes:
- Listing account pwds (already done)
- Differentiating local vs account pwds (separate section and/or badging; no final mocks yet)
- Probably show opt-in status and offer to opt in/out

The badges (designs of which have yet to be finalized) would only appear on the Chrome password settings menu if the user opted into password syncing. They would indicate which keys were synced and which weren't.

We're still a ways away from seeing this feature drop into the pre-stable release pipeline, but it'll be a worthwhile tool for those who like to have access to passwords for services they use across multiple devices while siloing some of them for device-specific purposes.