Modern flagship phones have grown more powerful than one could’ve imagined a few years ago. Their ascent has fueled the development of features like Samsung DeX, which tweaks the phone’s UI to imitate a classic desktop and open windowed apps. These modes have so far been restricted to stationary desk setups as they require a monitor along with a keyboard and mouse to function. The two big South Korean brands—Samsung and LG—apparently want you to take the experience wherever you go thanks to portable monitors they're currently working on.

A report by ETNews says that both Samsung and LG are working on OS-free screens called "Cloud Top," although we aren’t sure if that’s actually a marketing name we can expect or something was lost in translation. Anyhow, with these battery-powered monitors, the two companies want to replace the laptop in your backpack with a dumb display that can come to life when connected to your smartphone. Both companies are said to be in the concept stage currently and are analyzing the market size and demand for such products.

The displays will reportedly measure 14.1 inches and have a full HD resolution. The one from Samsung (potentially named Dexbook) will weigh a little under 1kg with a battery size of 10,000mAh, while LG’s will have half the battery capacity, bringing down its weight to 600g and thickness to 9mm. The report further adds that the screens may come out sometime in Q3 2020 for a price between 400,000 and 500,000 won (~$340-$425).

No matter how large smartphone screens have gotten lately, they still aren’t ideal for things like editing documents, while web browsing and watching videos are plainly better on a bigger display. While the idea of setting up a desktop wherever you are using just your smartphone and a lightweight display sounds appealing, you must note that you’ll need to carry a keyboard and mouse separately, which rather defies the screen’s core objective of cutting the bulk. This leaves me wondering why someone wouldn’t just get a tablet instead, especially if these are going to be priced so high.