Little Misfortune comes from Killmonday Games, the same developer behind Fran Bow, a popular episodic adventure game that contains a creepy atmosphere. Little Misfortune follows in Fran Bow's footsteps, as it's also a dark adventure game. Luckily, this time around the devs haven't broken up the title into separate releases on Android, which means Little Misfortune is a complete package, and you can pick it up today for $8.99.

If you're interested in seeing what Little Misfortune looks like in action, then you'll want to check out the trailer linked above. As you can see, the art is exceptional, along with the animations, and the voicework is great too, which just goes to show that this is a highly-polished release. Of course, it's worth mentioning that Little Misfortune plays more like a choose your own adventure than a point-and-click adventure game, so if you're expecting to solve numerous puzzles throughout your experience, think again. This is a game that's story-heavy, so it focuses more on player choice, which isn't a bad thing in and of itself, but might not appeal to fans of Fran Bow since that was a puzzle-heavy adventure game.

As I already mentioned, Little Misfortune is now available on the Google Play Store for $8.99 (which is $11 cheaper than the Steam version). There are no in-app purchases included with the title, and there are no ads either. This is a premium release, so what you see is what you get.

Now I know the $8.99 price tag is going to be tough to swallow for a lot of our readers, especially since the game can be beaten in one sitting. As it stands, it only takes about 2-4 hours to beat the game, so that's definitely something to keep in mind. But really, the short experience is just about the only downside of this release, which goes to show that the dev has a quality title on its hands when the chief criticism is that people want to play longer. So if you'd like to pick up Little Misfortune today, you can do so through the Play Store widget linked below.

Little Misfortune
Little Misfortune
Developer: Killmonday Games
Price: $8.99