We've all tried to kill a few minutes here and there by screwing around in a mobile game, but a slow phone or connection can make games run poorly. That's where GameSnacks comes in. It's a project from Google's experimental Area 120 division to create HTML5 web games that should run on almost any phone, and you can give it a shot right now.

According to Google, a device with 1GB of RAM and a slow (3G or poor 4G) connection can take more than 10 seconds to load even a simple web game. We know that most people will give up loading a page if it takes longer than three seconds. Area 120 worked with developers to speed up games by reducing the size of the initial HTML content, compressing assets, and only loading content when it's needed. The result is a collection of games that load almost instantly even on the slowest mobile devices.

The games mostly rely on simple one-tap mechanics, and many of the concepts will be familiar. GameSnacks titles are available on the official website, but I'm only seeing a handful right now. Google says it's working with developers to expand the catalog, and you'll also be able to access games in the Gojek app. That's a popular all-in-one content and service ecosystem in Indonesia.