With the rise of digital wellbeing awareness, there are no shortage of apps and tools to help you quell your smartphone addiction. A certain amount of willpower is still required, however, so astronomy instrumentation engineer Justine Haupt decided to take things one step further. You can't very well waste all your time on Instagram or Twitter if your phone only has a small ePaper screen and a rotary dial.

Haupt's creation includes a removable SMA antenna for excellent reception, a bistatic display that uses no power to show a fixed message, and easy access to its dialer functionality. It's also got a dedicated hardware button you can map to a favorite contact for ultimate ease. Even the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra can't compete with some of those features.

A mixture of 3D-printed plastic and various parts sourced from older hardware such as a Trimline rotary phone was used to build the device. The flexible ePaper display measures 2.13" diagonally and isn't suitable for streaming Netflix, as far as we can tell. Battery life of 24 hours is promised thanks to a 1,200mAh cell and what's essentially a permanent battery saver mode.

Far from being just a whimsical project, Haupt intends to use the rotary cellphone as a daily driver. It fits comfortably in her pocket and is apparently faster at calling her most frequent contacts than her previous handset. There's no word on wider availability just yet, but it's rumored to be a Verizon exclusive if it ever hits the market.