Hello Android Police readers, here is your host with an important announcement: Valentine's Day is only two days away. For the forgetful ones among you who like to celebrate the occasion, that means there's just enough time to catch up and plan a good surprise or get a decent gift. To further help you with your romantic endeavors, Google has added a few special commands to Assistant — no, we're not talking about "Hey Google, play Get Lucky," even if that might work too.

The commands span from a few simple ones for music and podcasts, to Easter egg actions that teach you how to say "I love you" in different languages or explain how some animals woo their mates. Use the latter advice at your own risk.

To get started, say "Hey Google" followed by one of the commands below to your Assistant speaker or display, like the Google Home, Nest Hub, or third-party devices. And keep in mind that these only work in English.

  • Turn up the love - plays sultry jazz and glows your colored lights in red and purple
  • Play romantic music - starts a playlist of romantic tunes from your music service of choice
  • Serenade me - should play music, but currently doesn't work for me
  • Show romantic dinner recipes - suggests recipes for a dinner date, works better on a Smart Display
  • Play a podcast about relationships - suggests different relationship podcasts
  • Tell me a fact about love - shares a fact about love in the animal kingdom from Wikipedia
  • Happy Valentine’s Day - teaches you how to say “I love you” in 8 different languages (Danish, French, Gujarati, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Mandarin, and Spanish)
  • Do you love me? - should create a heartfelt poem with the Assistant, but currently just gives a quick positive answer.