Samsung's latest Unpacked event is in the books now, and it was a big one. The company finally unveiled the long-awaited Galaxy S20 family with more cameras and larger screens than ever before. The price tags are also record-setting. We also got a peek at the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung's answer to the Moto Razr. It wasn't just about phones -- Samsung had something to say about the Galaxy Buds+ and the Galaxy S10, too. It can be hard to keep it all straight, so here's everything in one place.

Galaxy S20 family

The Galaxy S20 series might not have been the first thing Samsung revealed at Unpacked 2020, but it certainly spent most of its time talking about them. There are three S20 phones this year: the S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra. The S20 Ultra has the best cameras of the lot, including a 108MP main sensor, and a 100x "Space Zoom" system. Samsung even filmed the event on S20s, which might not have been the best idea.

All three devices have 5G with support for all current US networks. However, the cheapest version of the phone only has sub-6 5G support. The S20 family will have Android 10 out of the box, and Samsung worked with Google to include Duo integration with apps like the Dialer and Messages. Plus, these will be the first non-Pixel phones to have Live Captions.

The Galaxy S20 will launch on March 6th (pre-order Feb 21), and they are expensive. The S20 is $1,000, and the S20+ jumps to $1,200. The S20 Ultra is the most expensive at $1,400. Samsung hopes it can sweeten the deal with some bonus Netflix content, and carriers will have their own pre-order deals. We'll have a review later, but for now, you can check out our full hands-on.

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Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung kicked off Unpacked with the Galaxy Z Fold, which has leaked almost as many times as the S20. This is Samsung's second foldable phone and the first with a foldable glass display. Samsung didn't talk about specs, but we suspect it'll be a Snapdragon 855 phone. There's no 5G and fewer cameras than the Galaxy S20. But, well, it folds. Samsung thinks that's worth $1,380. The Galaxy Z Flip launches on February 14th.

Foldable phones haven't been huge wins so far, but our initial hands-on with the Z Flip is extremely positive. It's a foldable phone that feels like a "regular" phone when it's open.

Everything else

We all know that smartphone sales have plateaued, and Samsung is feeling the effects. It says Galaxy owners are now waiting an average of 26.6 months to upgrade their phones. That's a 4-month increase from 2016. Samsung's decision to continue selling the Galaxy S10 at a lower price might be an attempt to nudge a few more customers to upgrade. After all, dropping $1,000-1,400 on a new phone is a tough sell for many. If you've got a Galaxy S10 right now, Samsung's extremely generous trade-in deals are back to help you justify that S20 upgrade.

Samsung also ventured briefly into accessories at Unpacked 2020. The rumored Galaxy Buds+ are official, and the price is just a bit higher than the previous incarnation. The Buds+ have up to 11 hours of battery life, and the new speaker system should mean better audio. They're out February 14th for $149.

Samsung's long-running partnership with Spotify will continue in 2020, and the companies have worked to improve integration with the newly announced products. On the S20 and Z Flip, Samsung's keyboard and clock app will have additional Spotify features. The Galaxy Buds will be able to instantly resume your last song with a tap. If you weren't listening to anything, it'll pipe in a new recommended track. Unfortunately, we don't know if these features will come to Samsung's older devices in an update.