Google made it possible to have a Nest Hub-like experience on your mobile screen—be it phone or tablet—using the Assistant-based Ambient Mode. The feature was released with support for a handful of devices, but it soon expanded to include some popular Nokia and Xiaomi phones, plus some the Lenovo tablets. Today, OnePlus announced that it is rolling out this Ambient Mode to its range of flagship handsets released after 2016.

Assistant Ambient Mode on the OnePlus when it first shows up, then after it times out.

This makes the OnePlus 3 and all the following OnePlus handsets eligible for this Assistant feature. Ambient Mode kicks in only when the phone is plugged in. It shows you a screen, much like the Updates page, populated with your upcoming events, quick toggles for your smart appliances, besides basic stuff like time and weather details. The voice assistant stays active on the always-on screen, while you can choose to replace the dull background with your photos sourced from Google Photos.

Google is rolling out the update to all eligible OnePlus handsets, and it can take up to a week to reach everyone. Once you have the feature, your phone will show a notification when you plug in the charger and will guide you through the setup process. You can alternatively enable it manually from the Google app’s Settings menu. Select Google Assistant in Settings, tap on the Assistant tab, and click on Phone under Assistant devices to enable Assistant Mode.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

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  • Kieron Quinn