Google rolled out its augmented reality "Live View" navigation for Google Maps last year, but it looks like not everyone has been able to enjoy it. For some Pixel 4 owners, the feature doesn't appear, leaving many with Google's own flagship unable to use one of Google Maps' coolest features.

Though there are a handful of reports going back to September of last year regarding the missing feature, with a few Pixel 3s mixed in, the vast majority of reports in the last few months have been for Google's most recent Pixel 4 phones. For some of those affected, the "walking options" setting in the app is also missing, but the primary problem is that the button for activating the augmented reality Live View in navigation simply isn't there. We've even confirmed the issue on one of our own Pixel 4 XLs:

Live View appearing on a OnePlus 7 Pro (left), but not a Pixel 4 XL (right).

For some, downgrading to an older version of apps brings the feature back (v10.30.2 and 10.30.3 are frequently recommended in the support forums), but that isn't really a fix.

9to5Google reached out to Google on the subject of this issue and was told by the company that the problem only affected a small group of Pixel 4 owners, and a fix for the problem is supposed to be rolling out as we speak. In the meantime, those affected will have to stick with traditional top-down navigational cues.

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