You've been asking us for a dark theme for a long time, and now it's finally here. Android Police now has a dark mode, complete with an automatic mode and support for our AMP site!

You might have already noticed the new icon in the main navigation bar — that's the theme toggle. The theme is automatic by default, meaning the site will keep its light theme unless your browser and/or operating system switches to dark mode. For now, this mostly only works with Chrome on Android/Windows, Safari on macOS/iOS, and Firefox Preview on Android. Samsung Internet currently ignores site-provided dark themes and just inverts the design.

If you have a browser that doesn't support automatic switching, you can force the theme you want by clicking the toggle. Due to limitations with implementing custom code, the manual toggle is not available when viewing the AMP version of Android Police, only the automatic mode works.

I've been writing here at Android Police for over three years, but this dark theme is my first significant contribution to the website's design. One of Android Police's primary developers, Maciej Maćkowiak, also put in a significant amount of work to fix bugs and ensure everything works properly in AMP. I hope you all enjoy it!

If you find a bug in the dark theme, let us know on the Android Police issue tracker.