Samsung's next foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip, has already been leaked quite a bit. The company has yet to say anything about the Z Flip publicly... until now, anyway. A commercial for the device aired during the Oscars Academy Awards show tonight, giving us a first look at the phone outside of leaked images and videos.

The below ad shows off the folding screen of the Galaxy Z Flip, and shows off some of Samsung's built-in applications that have been modified to work better with the super-tall layout. The small display on the front is also shown providing information about an incoming call.

While the commercial doesn't actually mention the Z Flip by name, it does say that more will be revealed at Samsung's Unpacked event later this week.

Thom Browne Z Flip fever dream

Another Galaxy Z Flip ad has appeared, this time leaked by @h0x0d. The two-minute-and-twenty-second advertisement has about three seconds of useful information as we see a soulless, corporate-looking drone walk for a small eternity down a monolithic outdoor space, repeatedly mumbling an echoed "I'm not ready" and laughing to himself in Joker-fashion disturbingly.

He stops before a sheet of water, pocketing a floating Galaxy Z Flip with racing stripes. Finally stating simply, "I'm ready," the sky-spanning waterfall parts at his touch, the gray corporate din broken by light on the other side, and he walks through — good thing it does, because I doubt that Z Flip in his pocket is water-resistant.

The ad is for a Thom Browne Edition Z Flip that will probably cost an additional arm and leg above the base phone, which Max Weinbach claimed would be around $1,300. Images of the box and its contents imply it will come with a pair of Galaxy Buds (probably the leaked upcoming ones), a watch with matching stripes, and some cases/straps/accessories for the included bits.