Google has recently tweaked how you get to your phone backups from the desktop version of Google Drive. Previously accessible from the navigation menu on the side, they've been relocated inside the "Storage" view that shows all your files by size.

Above: The Message you'll see accessing Drive, warning of the change. Below: Viewing your backups in Google Drive on desktop/web. Note there's no sidebar shortcut to your backups anymore. 

It's a minor change, but honestly, it makes a lot of sense. Most of the items in the sidebar menu are things you will frequently access, while the whole point of backups is that you shouldn't need to access them at all unless something goes wrong. Furthermore, there's nothing you can actually do with those backups via the desktop Drive site except see they're there and delete them. If anything goes wrong, your phone making the backups will almost certainly let you know first.

It's a list you'll rarely need to view and can't interact with in a meaningful way — hiding it doesn't really matter.

Backups live in Storage now. 

To get to the new Backups location, you'll need to:

  1. Click the numbers under "Storage" on the sidebar. (Why "Storage" itself isn't a link, I have no idea.)
  2. From there, click the big blue "Backups" label in the top bar.
  3. You'll be spit to a complete view of your Google Drive backups, including device backups and WhatsApp backups.

If you prefer, you can also manually navigate there via or bookmark that URL if you need it regularly.

However, your backups are not accessible via the mobile Google Drive site. Manually navigating to the page simply redirects you, though they're still easily available via the slide-out navigation menu in the Drive app for Android. (We're not sure if they were accessible via the mobile site before, because we never needed to, but they definitely aren't now.)

  • Thanks:
  • Harmeet Sidhu