I'd hesitate to say we already know everything about Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S20 series since it's always possible to be surprised, but potential unknowns are few and far between. Thanks to extensive and continuous leaks, most of us not living under a rock know what to expect from Samsung's upcoming flagships — at least in terms of hardware and design. Those details never tell the full story when it comes to a phone, but we're curious to know if you've already made a purchasing decision based on leaks alone.

So far as we know, we've got three to five phones coming, depending on how you count: the Galaxy S20, GalaxyS20+, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra. According to leaks, both 4G and 5G versions will be offered, though that will likely vary based on the market, and the "Ultra" version is 5G-only. For our US-centric audience, that means we'll probably be getting the 5G versions, given the chipset Samsung is rumored to include for our market.

Specs will likely include Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 865 (or the Exynos 990, in some markets), 120Hz displays (with a 1080p resolution limit, it's complicated), sizeable batteries ranging from 4000mAh to 5000mAh depending on the model, and major camera upgrades — especially in the case of the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Although the adventurous may be holding out for the Galaxy Z Flip, many of our readers are probably pretty interested in the S20 series. The rumored prices are pretty crazy, though. Some of you may have already formed enough of an opinion to make a decision, while others may just be leaning for or against as they wait for additional info and reviews.

The grand spectacle of a "Big Smartphone Reveal" may be dead, given how hard it is to keep phones secret with the complexity of modern supply chains and partnerships, but that doesn't mean we won't have anything new to learn come Samsung's big event Tuesday. Still, have you made a purchasing decision already, or are you holding off?

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