If the Galaxy Buds weren't compelling enough as a pair of true wireless earbuds for you, you may want to stick around and see what Samsung's cooking up next. The rumor beat for the upcoming Galaxy Buds+ is generating some impressive anticipation already. But if you want to know exactly how the Buds will stack up with the Buds+, Evan Blass has a leak for you.

The leaks blogger has posted what looks to be an official yet unreleased specification chart comparing the two products.

In case you can't tell, bigger and better is the theme with the Plus:

  • The Buds+ are billed at an MSRP of $149, $20 more than the Buds
  • The Buds+ have about 47% more power capacity at 85mAh and last 83% longer with a play time of 11 hours
  • Charge times have come down: a 3 minute plug should give 60 minutes of play time, thrice the previous generation
  • While both Buds and Buds+ use Bluetooth 5, the Buds+ can connect to multiple devices, not just one
  • There are tweeter and woofer drivers in the Buds+ and an extra microphone
  • The touch pad now has a dedicated Spotify button
  • While it's always been the case for Android users, iOS users are able to download a companion app for the Buds+

Some of these details have been affirmed by previous rumors. While it's somewhat unfortunate to not see active noise canceling here, for $149, the Galaxy Buds+ would be a meaner competitor to Apple's AirPods.

The buds will likely be brought up during Samsung's Unpacked event on February 11 and are likely to ship out to consumers in the next month or so.

Hands-on video and photos

Tech journalist Roland Quandt managed to buy the Galaxy Buds+ ahead of launch, so he published a slew of images on Twitter and an 11-minutes-long hands-on on YouTube.

In the video, he shows the Buds in all their glory and shares insight into the pairing process on a Samsung phone. Quandt also uses the earbuds for a few minutes and tells us that despite their lack of active noise cancellation, they block out his surroundings pretty well. An ambient noise passthrough mode that respects EQ settings helps if you do want to hear what's happening around you. Overall, he says the Buds+ are a "nice upgrade" over the previous generation.

If you prefer still images, Quandt also has you covered:

After using the Buds+ for a phone call, Quandt shares that he was told he sounds "a bit as if I was talking thru a Walkie Talkie" and that ambient noises were audible for the other side, but he himself was pretty happy with the incoming sound. He notes that he made his phone call on a moving train without a VoLTE connection, so that might've played into the audio quality, too.

Whenever Samsung wants to officially introduce the Buds+, it doesn't have much left that could surprise us now.