It would appear that two Crash Bandicoot fans (Jump Button and Motwera) have uncovered an upcoming mobile Crash Bandicoot game through a Facebook search. Currently, there is a survey available for the supposed Crash Bandicoot Mobile title on StoreMaven (a mobile growth website) that mentions the game isn't available yet while simultaneously asking for input to improve the game's development. So while the existence of Crash Bandicoot Mobile has yet to be confirmed by King, the recent leak from Jump Button and Motwera looks pretty convincing.

Besides the StoreMaven survey link that shows Crash Bandicoot Mobile's icon and that it's coming from King, Jump Button and Motwera have leaked three blurry pics that provide a few hints of what everyone may be able to expect from the game, should it materialize. Clearly, running, jumping, and sliding is how you will interact with the title, much like any auto-runner out there, and it would also appear that there will be some sort of base-building mechanic, because clearly auto-running isn't enough to keep people coming back to a game over and over, and so a grind is necessary, like building and upgrading a base.

Suffice to say, Crash Bandicoot Mobile looks exactly like a title I would expect to come from the creators of the Candy Crush series, especially now that Activision owns King. There's already a mass of endless/auto-runners available on the Play Store, and somehow I doubt King or Activision are the visionaries that will manage to turn this stale genre on its head. This most likely means we can expect the same tired gameplay formula we've seen time and time again, all wrapped up in an endless base-building grind that will undoubtedly be connected to the title's in-app purchases. Of course, King has yet to confirm the game even exists, and my guesswork could be way off the mark, so at this point, I'd say it's best to take all of this with a grain of salt until official details come to light.