Google’s numerous side projects include plenty of experimental apps and services canceled before their time, and few get to live as long as Androidify has. Released in 2011, the quirky little app allowed you to customize the iconic green Android bot with clothes, shoes, and whatnots. Even though the app didn’t see an update after 2016, it persisted all this while alongside its web peer. But now, Androidify is gone from both the Play Store and web, probably for good.

Androidify’s Play Store listing has been pulled, so you cannot download the app from the official source anymore. 9to5Google earlier reported that the website was still living on, but that no longer appears to be the case. The site now redirects to Android’s main website without any notice informing about the change. Google has not issued any official statement on Androidify’s death, but the vanishing listings make it pretty clear.

The classic Android robot underwent a redesign when the Android 10 logo got a fresh coat of paint and dropped the dessert name. It lost its body in the process, leaving just the head, which was subtly tweaked, for all newer Android brandings. Before its retirement, the full-sized bot in Androidify appears to have inspired the personalized Minis stickers in Gboard that offer many more customization options, including those for looking like a human and not a green bot.

If you still wish to use Androidify or want to see what all the fuss is about, then we’ve got you covered. The last Androidify v4.2 build released in January 2016 is available on APK Mirror right now. It’ll welcome you with a message about compatibility with a newer OS; you're fine to ignore that and move right on to making a cool dudebot (botdude?).

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free