The wireless earbud market has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years. Because of this expansion, it's not too surprising to see that Anker, an accessory maker synonymous with high-quality, yet affordable products, has some decent Bluetooth earbuds of its own. Even better, you can now pick up a pair of Anker's Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro earbuds in white for the discounted price of $119.99 — $30 off their list price — by taking advantage of an Amazon coupon sale.

Throughout our review, we were consistently impressed by the Liberty 2 Pro's sound quality, which was well rounded and didn't falter no matter what we threw at them, even at high volume. You can also expect these earbuds to last 7-8 hours on a charge easily, and you'll have three additional charges on hand with the help of the carrying case. We were also quite pleased to see the inclusion of both USB-C and wireless charging at a reasonable price point.

If you're on the market for an affordable pair of wireless earbuds that don't compromise when it comes to sound quality or features, you won't find many that are better than the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro earbuds from Anker. While this isn't the best deal we've seen on these earbuds to date, it's not far off. Follow the source link below to pick up a pair in white to take advantage of that $30 on-page coupon code.