Songs and lyrics come hand in hand, at least if you don't listen exclusively to instrumentals and electronic music. When you're failing to understand what an artist is saying — be it because they're talking too fast, growling too much, swallowing letters left and right, or speaking a foreign language for you — lyrics help you decipher the mess and understand the song's message. Several music streaming services offer lyrics along with songs, like Spotify (though in its own Behind the lyrics flavor) and Apple Music, and now YouTube Music is getting ready to join the fold.

Some users are reporting seeing lyrics on YouTube Music when they tap the info button (circle with an i inside, to the left of the song title) on the Now Playing screen. This usually pops up a small window with all the artists involved, but for those lucky few who have the new functionality, there's a new Lyrics section below that. If the song doesn't have official lyrics, you'll get a message saying they're not available. Google is using LyricFind for them, the same source is partnered up with for Google Search lyrics results.

According to the Redditor who first spotted this, the feature isn't very reliable. Lyrics show up for songs but not videos sometimes, vice-versa the other times, and even though most licensed titles have lyrics, some famous hits don't.

Lyrics are available for users on v3.51.54 of YouTube Music, but that seems to be a limited server-side rollout. Despite being on the same version, many of us don't have them. But don't let that stop you from grabbing the file from APK Mirror and seeing if you're one of the few lucky ones.

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