Many of Google's most popular apps have received an update with dark mode, but Translate remained an outlier until now. It hung on to its white-only interface like it did to its outdated, first-gen Material Design look. Things are moving in version 6.5 of the app, though I wouldn't say they're going in the right direction. A dark mode started showing up for some users, but it really looks like a work in progress or the result of the lowest possible effort.

The new dark mode is grey, and even very light grey in many instances. The blue colors are all over the place, from a boring pale one for the title bar, to a cyan-like shade for language drop-down arrows, and a darker shade for languages that's nearly unreadable on top of the grey. Then there's the card for translation results with a dense blue, which doesn't look half bad on its own, but doesn't gel well with the rest of the interface.

The most unsightly screens are the Phrasebook and Conversation translator. The washed out grey and lack of contrast don't help at all. At least Settings is decent, for the one or two times you check it per year.

Translate's dark mode has officially rolled out to iOS and it looks way more homogenous there. On Android, it's only enabled server-side for some users after they update to v6.5.0. You can grab that from APK Mirror and see if it shows up for you. Perhaps it's still being tested, which is why it's not available to everyone just yet. At least I hope that's the reason, because in its current state, the light mode looks better.

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