In business, communications can be an exhaustive rote practice. You exchange greetings, suss out what the other side wants, and then things might get interesting from there. But in most cases, you could probably do well for yourself by setting up a bunch of templates in your email. More email apps are bringing them on board and the relatively popular Edison Mail is one of them.

It's pretty simple and straightforward: when drafting a new email, you can tap the new paper stack icon above the keyboard to access the Templates menu. Hitting the + button allows you to compose standardized messages with plug-and-play elements for names, dates, products, and other variables.


As a bonus (or a catch-up, depending on which email app you're coming from) in this update, Edison Mail has incorporated HTML Rich Text editing — that means you can use all of your favorite colors, fonts, and other formatting — for drafting as well as templates.

When you've got a template suitable for a reply, hit that paper stack icon again, select the template you need, then tap on the variable placeholders you've made and fill them in. Then hit send.

We told you it was pretty simple and straightforward.

Templates and rich text editing are available in the latest update to Edison Mail for Android (at the Play Store or APK Mirror) and iOS.

Gmail desperately needs an equivalent feature.

Alternate title: Edison Mail brings email templates about [number] days ahead of Gmail

Press Release

Edison Mail Automates Custom Communication with New Templates for iOS & Android
Create Beautifully Formatted Messages with New Edison Mail HTML Rich Text Composer
San Jose, CA – February 6, 2020 – Today Edison Mail, the award-winning AI-based independent mail app offering private and secure mailbox management, released new versions of its app offering Templates and HTML Rich Text Composer features for iOS and Android, available immediately at the App Store and Play Store. The new features simplify business communication for email users.
Everyone can use templates to communicate better and save time. Send more meaningful messages by designing the perfect text in a clean and efficient format, especially useful if you’re a business owner, entrepreneur or freelance consultant. The feature can be used for a variety of business use cases, from administrative purposes like sharing routine updates and requesting information, to marketing and sales-oriented tasks like submitting proposals or price quotes. For iOS users, email templates are synced across Apple devices via iCloud.
The new HTML Rich Text Composer maximizes the impact of your message by allowing you to tailor your own stylistic preferences. Format your emails with richer content easily--change your font, bold, italicize, underline, strikethrough, change text color, adjust size, highlight, and format with indentations or bulleted lists.
“The mailbox is the heart of every business, and whether you’re an entrepreneur or a freelance consultant, a streamlined workflow influences your bottom line,” said Mikael Berner, CEO of Edison Software. “Our amazing team of engineers have developed new Templates and Compose functionality to meet this need, because while every single one of us is a consumer that uses email today, so many of us also need to communicate more efficiently for business interests.”
To use Templates in Edison Mail, simply begin to compose a new email in the app and tap the stacked paper symbol above the keyboard. From there, you can view the example template offered by the app, or tap on the upper right plus sign to create your own. Name the Template and type out the standard email content you intend to repeat. When you arrive at a variable that will change (like a name or date), tap on the blue plus sign above your keyboard to add in a placeholder that you can name if needed for reference. Edison Mail uniquely reminds you if you have not filled out a variable before you send your message, so there are no regrets about an email sent.