AV1 is the hot new video codec on the block, offering around 30% better compression than Google's VP9 standard without a noticeable loss in picture quality. With Chrome and Android now supporting the format natively, many services have started to switch to it, and now Netflix is joining the fun.

"Today we are excited to announce that Netflix has started streaming AV1 to our Android mobile app," the company wrote in a blog post. "Selected titles are now available to stream in AV1 for customers who wish to reduce their cellular data usage by enabling the 'Save Data' feature."

Netflix told us last year that it used the older VP6 codec on Android, so there should be a noticeable improvement in data usage for mobile users. The company hopes to eventually bring AV1 streaming to all platforms, which definitely sounds exciting — for people with home internet data caps, Google Stadia needs all the gigabytes it can get.

Developer: Netflix, Inc.
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