The popularity of Motorola's folding Razr smartphone with its flexible display relies heavily on the nostalgia it induces in those old enough to remember the original, and that's set to increase with an upcoming release of a gold color option. Evan Blass shared images of the new hue on Twitter, but there's no word on when we can expect it to become available.

Back in 2006, Moto released a limited edition gold version of the Razr V3i in collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana that also came with some fancy accessories that were probably incredibly unfashionable. The new leak shows a folding Moto Razr with a much classier finish that doesn't go quite so heavy on the gold — it's more of a complementary trim next to the usual black stylings.

The original gold Motorola Razr was a garish affair.

Blass didn't share anything but the images, so we don't know if this will be launched in partnership with another brand or when it will go on sale. Hopefully, an even higher price tag won't be attached to it, either, since the Razr already costs an eye-watering $1,500.