Apple’s software solutions mostly stay within the confines of its tightly controlled mobile and desktop platforms, barring the odd exception. But the more open nature the tech titan has lately been going after with a subscription-driven model for some services requires apps to work across operating systems. Taking baby steps in that direction, Apple has now optimized its iCloud website for mobile screens, bringing a few of its popular services to Android.

To be clear, has always been available for mobile browsers, but it functioned only in the desktop mode, which wasn’t particularly intuitive or convenient. Apple has redesigned the site's interface and four of its web apps to suit a phone’s vertical display better. The list of apps includes Notes, Reminders, Photos, and Find iPhone (not Find My), while those still absent are Mail, Contacts, Calendar, iCloud Drive, and the iWork suite.

In line with what News Landed observed, we also encountered a bug in the Notes app that prevented the keyboard from even showing up on Android, let alone adding text. Aside from these apps, the iCloud website also gives you access to some basic account settings.

No matter how dumb talking about a service getting a mobile site in 2020 sounds, many Android users also invested in Apple apps will find the mobile site handy, even though it doesn’t match a native app’s convenience. You can add to your Android phone’s home screen using the Chrome browser, and use it as a PWA, though loading times can be a tad longer for these web-based services.