Some fun customization apps make use of ADB commands to work their magic, which usually means tediously plugging your phone into a computer set up with the required drivers and sending those commands over to your phone. That's tedious, boring, and stupid, but it's also not a problem if you use Tasker. The latest v5.92 update will let you perform any ADB shell command right on your phone itself.


You can use these on-device ADB shell commands as part of the automated actions that Tasker is well known for, automating things like disabling apps, toggling cellular data/airplane mode, individually killing apps, and simulating touches/keypresses, among other things. There is one restriction, though, and that is that you'll need to first fire off an ADB command from your computer to the phone to get the required permissions working to begin with, and that won't persist past a reboot, more details on that are here.

This update also adds voice recognition while the screen is off and better search for actions, among a larger pile of bug fixes, minor changes, and a handful OF other smaller features. The full changelog is available if you care to dive into these smaller details here.

If you're chomping at the bit to try out ADB commands with your automation routines, the update should be rolling out as we speak via the Play Store. You can also pull it down for easy sideloading via Tasker's site or APK Mirror.

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: $3.49