Following T-Mobile's collaborations last year with AT&T and Comcast, the company is now working together with Sprint to help cut back on spam calls. Today T-Mobile and Sprint have announced they're implementing the STIR/SHAKEN anti-spam standards between their two networks, forging yet another carrier pairing that will eventually culminate with industry-wide call verification.

For those who are out of the loop, STIR/SHAKEN has nothing to do with the upcoming James Bond movie, even though it might sound like it. In fact, it's a set of standards for phone number verification. You know how sometimes you get calls from your own number, or one very similar to it, and they're almost always just spam? That's because our lovely call routing system will basically let folks spoof any number that they want, while STIR/SHAKEN imposes an actual verification process proving that your number is what it claims to be. Ideally, it should prevent us from getting so many of those damn spam calls, and the FCC has granted the system its blessing, but it still requires that all the carriers collaborate for it to work.

Today's news means that yet another carrier pair is set up for this process, and customers on T-Mobile and Sprint with compatible/supported devices will soon see verification when calls placed between the two networks are verified as legit. On that note, T-Mobile is also announcing that as of today, 23 of its phones support a "Caller Verified" notification for such calls.

A whole pile of carriers previously pledged to implement these standards, but so far, the actual rate of adoption has been slow — unsurprising, given the US carriers. (Remember RCS?) While T-Mobile's been on a streak getting things working with partners, it'll probably be quite a few years until all the carriers are actually on board.