Motion Sense is the most unique feature the Google Pixel 4 has to offer, but there's been some confusion around international availability. Since the technology is based on radar, there are many regulators and rules involved, which made us fear it might not come to users in Japan. In a lucky turn of events, the official Google Reddit account published more information on the feature, detailing that it'll come to Japan "soon," after all.

Other countries officially receiving Motion Sense include the US, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, and "most European countries" – sadly, it doesn't get more accurate than that. There also aren't any surprising additions apart from Japan as all of these countries were already known to support Motion Sense. It remains to be seen how Google handles regional locks and if it actually prevents the radar from working when you're visiting an unsupported place.

Live in Japan

Google has announced (twice) that Motion Sense is now available in Japan.