The original Google Glass Explorer Edition made a big entrance when it quite literally fell from the heavens during Google I/O 2013. While that model never really stood a chance as a consumer product, it became the starting point for Google Glass Enterprise Edition. It seems to have worked out because a second generation launched last year, and as of today, Google is expanding availability to an even larger audience... of developers.

Enterprise Edition 2 was initially available only through authorized solution partners that would work with a business to develop custom software for their needs. Google is now dropping that restriction so the general public can purchase Enterprise Edition 2.

No, this isn't another stab at bringing Glass into the consumer market, at least not yet. Google is aiming at making Glass available to developers and companies so they can develop their own custom software rather than relying on those select partners. This move should make Glass more accessible for projects with a small budget or complicated requirements that might require an in-house developer.

To get developers started, Google has also released several new open source applications and code samples. These show some of the patterns and practices that have evolved since the original GDK came out. Naturally, these include code appropriate for the latest hardware, which runs Android 8.1 Oreo and supports the Camera2 API.

Again, this is only intended to be used by developers and will lack basically all of the services that would make it a good consumer device; but if you're the type of person that might want to develop for some high tech headwear, you can pick up a Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 from CDWMobile Advance, and SHI. Prices are currently hovering at or just below $1,199, before taxes. More details about the hardware can be found here.