A Google Maps listing includes a smattering of info about a location, but it's the reviews that can really help you get a feel for a place. Now, you can examine those reviews more closely in Google Maps. Upon opening the reviews, you'll see a new search bar to filter reviews with keywords of your choosing.

The search box appears at the top of the review list as soon as you open that tab. The review list refreshes as you type, removing items that don't match your query. The sorting options are still available when searching. So, you can organize the results by newest, most helpful, and so on.

You could use this to look up information about specific foods people have talked about in restaurant reviews or see if anyone accuses a business of specific behavior you want to avoid. This feature is live on the Android and iOS versions of Maps, but you still can't search reviews on the web.

Gone on mobile

The option to search for keywords in Maps reviews has sadly disappeared from the Android app — Thanks, Aaron! We suspect it actually went away around the time of the Material Design revamp, but we don't have any proof of that. What we know for certain is that it's been gone since at least last October, with screenshots of Maps' reviews section showing no sign of a search button then.

The search button is still available on the web — you can find it near the Sort button in a listing's reviews section.