When BlackBerry finally made the move away from proprietary software and jumped aboard the Android train, the Priv was the only phone it produced by itself before teaming up with Chinese manufacturer TCL in 2016. That partnership has now come to an end, as TCL has announced that it will no longer make phones with BlackBerry branding.

After some disappointing rebadged Alcatel models, TCL did release some BlackBerry phones with the familiar physical keyboard — with limited commercial success — like the KeyOne and its successor. The red version of the Key2 came out in April last year, but it's been eerily quiet since then, and now we know why. The full announcement came via the BlackBerry Mobile Twitter account, which you can see below.

Not only will TCL not be building any new BlackBerry phones, it will also stop selling existing ones as of August 31, 2020. If you recently bought a BlackBerry phone, don't worry — TCL will continue to support the current portfolio until at least August 2022, or whenever local selling laws dictate it must, whichever is longest. The next question is who will pick up the license to make BlackBerry phones going forward, if anyone.