Nintendo has revealed that Fire Emblem Heroes will be the next mobile game from the company to receive a subscription pass. Back in November of 2019, Nintendo released two subscription plans for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. It's also worth noting that Mario Kart Tour was released in September 2019 with a monthly subscription in tow. Clearly, Nintendo has realized the amount of money that can be made by stuffing subscription plans into its free-to-play mobile games, and so fans can expect the upcoming $9.49 monthly Feh Pass subscription to arrive in Fire Emblem Heroes on February 5th.

Above, you can view the latest Feh Channel YouTube video, which is where Nintendo announced the new Feh Pass subscription for Fire Emblem Heroes. If you take a quick trip to the actual YouTube page for the above video, you can see that the thumbs-down count is well above the thumbs-up count, which is a clear sign many fans aren't happy with the announcement for the Feh Pass subscription plan coming to Fire Emblem Heroes this week.

Of course, I'm sure there are still a few people out there that will be more than willing to spend money on the game in a monthly fashion, and that's because there will be monthly rewards for those that subscribe. So if you choose to sign up, you will receive two Resplendent Heroes per month, which are basically unique reskins of existing characters. A +2 buff to all stats is also included with the sub, along with a few perks, such as special quests and expanded summoner support. A rewind feature called Re-Act is also expected, which should provide players with an easy way to reverse a mismanaged move or attack.

So if there are any players who would like to receive the perks I listed above, they will have to pay $9.49 a month for the optional Feh Pass. In my opinion, this is an astronomical price to attach to a casual mobile game that is essentially a pointless collection-based skinner box. I think it's pretty clear why Nintendo is adding the Feh Pass sub, and I sincerely doubt player enjoyment or fun has anything to do with it. I suppose the writing was on the wall after Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp received its own subscription plans this past November, but it still sucks to see that even Nintendo's golden child Fire Emblem Heroes can't escape the company's growing greed.

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