Motorola's mid-range lineup is all over the place right now. The company still has its popular G and E-series phones, but more recently, it has released a few Android One devices in some regions. A new leak indicates Motorola might be trying something new: a phone with a pen.

Evan Blass, better known as @evleaks on Twitter, published the below image of an unspecified Motorola phone with a stylus. The end of the pen looks like it slides into the phone, just like the Galaxy Note. It's not clear if this is intended to be a high-end or mid-range device, but the phone does bear a striking resemblance to the Motorola One Action (though the hole-punch camera isn't quite as large here).

It would be interesting to see Motorola create its own stylus-equipped phone, and there could definitely be a large market for such a device. The Galaxy Note is obviously a successful product lineup, and LG's budget Stylo phones have been popular on prepaid carriers for years.

This might be something Motorola has been experimenting with for a while the Moto Z4 already supports active styluses, though the feature has hardly been publicized.

Will be called the Moto G Stylus

According to Evan Blass of @evleaks, Motorola's upcoming stylus-equipped phone will be part of the G series of phones, picking up the name "Moto G Stylus." This branding has already explicitly appeared in Canadian certifications, as well, and the device's "sofia+" codename implies it will be strongly based on the G8 Power (sofiar).

A few specs and renders for the phone have also trickled out.

Following up on Evan Blass's posted image of the Moto G Stylus, 9to5Google stumbled upon several real-world photos of the device on The stylus in the middle snapshot looks identical to the one shown in the image above. If you look closely at images one and three, you can see the top of the stylus peeking out from the lower right edge of the device, confirming that it does tuck into the phone just like on Samsung's Note series.