If you were among those that pre-ordered Google's Pixel 4, then you should remember that $100 Google Store credit that you got when you did. What you probably don't remember is that the credit came with an expiration date set for January 31st, and that's today. If you haven't spent it yet, you've just got a few hours left to pick up some freebies.

Details from the original email, including the January 31st, 2020 expiration date. 

If you aren't sure whether or not you spent it, you can check your balance here, and it should show you when your next expiration is set for. That means if you bought a Pixel 4 and you see that some portion of your balance will expire as of today's date, then you've got the rest of today to use it or lose it.

We aren't sure if any email alerts were sent to those that pre-ordered to remind them (we already burned through our own credit), but just in case there weren't any, we're letting you know.

If you need ideas for what to spend it on, some accessories for your Pixel 4 like the excellent fabric cases, a wireless car charger, headphone dongle, or even just a basic wall wart and cable might come in handy. If you want to cast a wider net, you could overpay on a Nest Hub for the full $100 (they're frequently discounted well under that), get a Stadia controller if you want to try game streaming out, or even pick up a Nest Mini — which I honestly recommend as a solid upgrade over a Home Mini for $35 right now.

Whatever you spend it on, act fast, because that pre-order credit won't be burning a hole in your digital pocket come tomorrow morning, should you forget.