Google and Google Assistant's relationship with stocks has been messy, to say the least. Even though you can add stocks and view your portfolio in the Assistant's settings, you can't ask it to tell you what your shares are at without integrating third parties. But there's some movement, as the Google app has begun sending out neatly bundled daily stock notifications to some people, giving them an overview of how their investments are doing.

We're not sure if these kinds of notifications are entirely new since the stock watchlist has been part of Google for ages — the visual makeup has certainly changed, though, as you'd receive a huge card per stock in the past. The redesign gives you a neatly organized bundled overview of the capital you're interested in, and makes details on every single relevant market movement available when you tap the notification.

If you haven't organized your watchlist yet, head to Google's finance search or look for a company you'd like to monitor, like Alphabet, and hit the plus button next to the results to add them to your portfolio.

Another example of the notification on a Google Pixel phone.

Since this is a server-side rollout, there's nothing you can do to get in on the feature except for exercising patience. It might help to download the beta of the Google app, but we can't promise anything. It's available on APK Mirror or by opting into it on the Play Store. Let's hope we'll soon also be able to ask the Assistant for an overview of our shares without relying on third parties.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
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