YouTube Music has had an official mix of new releases and showed you a few selected recent records in their own section since last year, but until now, you couldn't see more than ten new albums or singles there. With version 3.49 of the streaming service, first published mid-January, this has started to change for some lucky people who have seen a vastly expanded version of the new releases section. Judging from reports on Reddit, this refinement is rolling out widely now.

The amount of records in the section is indeed impressive and probably consists of more than 100 individual releases. In contrast to other recommendations on YouTube Music, they don't seem to be based on your personal preferences but your location, though. Here in Germany, I see a few German albums, while Rita in Lebanon gets some Arabic and Hindi records. International hits are among both of our selections, such as Guns n' Roses' Bullets Over Broadway live album or Eminem's Music To Be Murdered By. I have to say that the lack of personalization makes this list hard to parse, but at least you see more releases now.

If you haven't received YouTube Music version 3.49 yet, you can download it from APK Mirror. I'm really starting to like the new streaming service for its mixes and its UX, but I still dearly miss my uploaded music from Play Music, and I still hate YouTube Music and YouTube's intertwined watch/listen history. Hopefully, Google tackles these issues next.

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YouTube Music
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