TweetCaster is one of the oldest third-party Twitter apps available on Android, as it was originally published in 2010. However, the app hasn't been updated in over a year, and now it can't connect to Twitter at all.

Many Play Store reviews are pointing out the app no longer works, instead only providing 401 errors. This doesn't seem to be related to the app hitting Twitter's infamous API token limit, which usually marks the end of third-party clients, since existing users would still be able to access their accounts.

OneLouder, the developer of TweetCaster, told Android Police that Twitter broke the app on their end. The developer is working to notify TweetCaster users of the outage, but has yet to receive an answer from Twitter about why the app no longer works.

In the meantime, former TweetCaster users are taking their frustration to Twitter and soliciting replacements:

Here's hoping TweetCaster can work with Twitter to fix the outage. It's never fun to lose access to an app you've used for years.

Given how long it had been since we saw TweetCaster updated, news of its interface with Twitter breaking the other day filled us with just the slightest sense of dread — it's not often that you see an app in this situation come back from oblivion. Nevertheless, OneLouder told us it was reaching out to Twitter in an effort to get things working again, and it appears that attempt has paid off:

The developers write that their "Twitter API token was invalidated and it took a while to resolve it with Twitter support." For fans of this alternative to the official Twitter app, that's great news — and who knows, maybe we'll even see this incident help spur some further interesting in updating the app.

TweetCaster for Twitter
TweetCaster for Twitter
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