Rumors started swirling last October that the upcoming OnePlus 8 series might pack wireless charging, and more recent reports are beginning to confirm that the much-requested feature will be included in the company's next phones. The latest voice to add its support behind the earlier leaks is @Samsung_News_ (also known as Max J. over at, whose track record throws a whole lot more confidence behind the rumor.

Max J. recently and independently confirmed the wireless charging rumors, originally leaked via OnLeaks last year. With two trustworthy sources now confirming the details, OnePlus' former critics and glass-backed phone critics will likely have one less reason to dislike the OnePlus 8-series of devices.

Many smartphone enthusiasts are vocal in their dislike of glass where it isn't required, mostly because it's not as durable as other materials, like aluminum. However, some have seen it as a cost to be paid for the benefits of wireless charging, which requires RF-transparent materials like glass or plastic to work. OnePlus switched to a glass-backed design starting with the OnePlus 6, but in the two years since, the company has yet to give any of its phones the benefit of wireless charging, against our frequent and vocal complaints.

If the OnePlus 8 series finally packs wireless charging, as leaks and rumors increasingly confirm, it will be one of the most hotly-anticipated and requested features the company has ever added to its phones, short of maybe an IP rating.

While leaks and rumors often break the big news about upcoming smartphones, occasionally some good information comes out by way of various industry and regulatory groups, like the FCC or Bluetooth SIG. Now we're wondering if we just got some corroboration for this wireless-charging theory, as OnePlus is spotted joining the Wireless Power Consortium.

This comes about a year after we saw Oppo join the WPC, which itself had us thinking about the OnePlus and wireless-charging connection.

Even this latest discovery is no certainty we'll see an upcoming OnePlus phone support wireless charging — for all we know, the tech could be intended for something like new Bullets earbuds — but it's sure a fascinating development, all the same.

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