Until recently, when zooming out in the Google Earth app to get a full view of the globe on your mobile device, you'd see our beautifully blue planet amidst a completely black background. However, thanks to what Google is crediting as advancements in mobile device processing power, you can now get a glimpse of the starry sky right from your phone.

Now, when you zoom out to see the world on mobile devices, you can rotate the Earth to view the Milky Way and stars that have been recorded by the European Southern Observatory. You can't yet click on these stars or travel to different planets like you can in Google Maps on the web, but this new update is a great step toward making this a possibility in future versions.

The latest app update isn't required to check out this feature. However, if you need to download Google Earth to your device, you can grab it from the Play Store or at APK Mirror here.

Google Earth
Google Earth
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