Motion-activated smart cameras are great, saving our attention for when something's actually going on. But sometimes it's not just the big motion-event you want to see, but also the things that led up to that happening — and if the camera doesn't start recording until the motion trigger, you might miss out on some of that important stuff. For many Arlo cameras there's a solution available, which this week gets some new branding and spreads to additional devices.

When the Arlo Pro 2 launched back in 2018, the manufacturer introduced its Look Back feature, providing a short pre-buffer on motion-triggered camera recordings. The big asterisk there, though, is that while the Pro 2 is largely meant as a wireless, battery-powered camera, Look Back's video buffer requires a lot of juice, and is only available when the camera's installed with an optional wired power supply.

Look Back also came to the Pro 3 and Ultra, but the feature wasn't available out-of-the-box for the new Arlo Video Doorbell, an especially curious development considering that the Doorbell mandates the sort of wired power supply that Look Back demands.

Now a new firmware update brings these extended pre-buffer video recordings to the Video Doorbell, at the same time Arlo renames the function: Look Back is now Foresight. The company also shares word of the feature's availability for a few of its wired indoor cams, the: Arlo Q, Q Plus, and Baby.