ZTE's had a rough go of things in the US, but last year we saw the company step back up to the plate and try to tempt shoppers with the affordable Axon 10 Pro. First launching with Android 9 Pie, Axon 10 Pro owners in Europe started seeing the arrival of Android 10 OTA updates earlier this month, and this week we learn of the availability of a sideload update package for users in the US.

The Axon 10 Pro was a solid budget flagship, offering speedy performance, lots of storage, and quite strong battery life for under $600 — it's just a shame no one seems to have done a quality check on the phone's cameras, which left us with a lot to be desired.

ZTE's Android 10 update arrives in the form of a 1.6GB download, which you'll have to copy to a microSD card before loading on the phone — ZTE talks users through all of this, including the critical step of backing up your personal data prior to installing the update.

For more resources, check out ZTE's official Axon 10 Pro page.

ZTE just let us know that it also has an additional guide to installing this update available in its support forums, one that clarifies a few key points. For one, users can directly download the update to their phones over WiFi, and while backups are recommended, this release won't intentionally wipe any user data.