Yesterday it was revealed that Google was planning on merging several of its corporate-facing products into yet another messaging service to take on the likes of Slack, and today one of those pieces is getting updated with a new feature. Hangouts Meet just picked up the ability to use different sources for audio and video.

Specifically, Google is now allowing you to use your phone as the microphone during meetings, while the computer manages video. This might sound like a small change, but it's bound to be appreciated in certain environments and use cases. While single users on a laptop or at their desk may not see much of a benefit, it could come in handy in group settings where it's inconvenient (or even nauseating) to pass around a laptop. Impromptu conferences could also be a bit easier with a phone plopped down on the table, rather than trying to hook up a remote microphone.

The feature will start rolling out as of today for Rapid Release domains, with Scheduled Release picking it up starting on February 12th. In both cases, it's a 15-day rollout. And a note to G Suite admins: This feature is turned on by default if dial-in functionality is enabled, and instructions on how to turn it off are available here.