The Pixel 4 launched with a few innovative features, among them a new version of Google Assistant that integrates much tighter with the system than older implementations. After its initial release, some issues quickly arose, though. You couldn't use the new Assistant with G Suite accounts or with languages other than English, and you had to activate gesture navigation to get it to work. While G Suite users and non-English speakers are still left in the cold, the rethought Assistant finally supports the tried-and-true three-button navigation.

The change might not be active on everyone's Pixel 4 phones just yet, as it could be a server-side rollout. We can confirm that the new Assistant works with three-button navigation using Google app version, which isn't even the latest stable release anymore, but your mileage may vary. Using the beta might also jumpstart the experience for you, available by signing up for it on the Play Store or via a download from APK Mirror.

The navigation buttons disappear while you speak to the Assistant.

If you're in on the new Assistant with three-button navigation support, you'll find the experience isn't much different from the one you have with gesture navigation. Say the hotword, squeeze the frame of the phone, or hold the home button to start issuing commands, and you can use the Assistant like you usually do. If you've stuck with the regular Assistant before because you prefer the three-button navigation, you might be interested in our list of powerful example commands exclusive to the new experience coming your way.

Overall, this is an important advancement as it should especially help the impaired who absolutely depend on the accessible three-button navigation use their phone more easily. Let's hope Google adds the new Assistant to Pixel 4 phones with G Suite accounts next.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free