Nvidia introduced the two newest products in its Shield line of Android TV devices: the cylindrical Shield TV dongle and the more box-like Shield TV Pro. The slim, discrete Shield TV has received its first real discount since release. While it typically retails for $150, you can now pick one up for $130 from many retailers.

During our review, we found the Shield TV to be an easy recommendation for most users. While the Shield TV doesn't pack quite as much power (or sufficient RAM to run 64-bit applications) as the Shield TV Pro, Nvidia has managed to pack an impressive number of features into the device's sleek, discrete housing. Our reviewer was impressed by the quality of the AI image upscaling, the implementation of current audio and video standards (Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision HDR, respectively), the improved design of the remote, and the unobtrusive form factor of the device itself. As for the remote, we've written something up that should help you remap its dedicated Netflix button if you'd rather have direct access to another app.

This $20 discount appears to apply across most retailers that sell the Shield TV, so there's no need to worry if your first choice is out of stock by the time you read this. If you happen to be considering a new Android TV device and want to snag one of the best currently on the market, follow one of the source links below.

B&H is giving an extra $5 off on this deal when you clip the coupon on its store page, bringing your total savings to $25. If this coupon pushes you over the edge, head to B&H's store page to clip it.