While the release of Apple's AirPods was a substantial shot in the arm for the wireless earbud market, they are far from the only headphone manufacturer with an established history of producing quality audio hardware. Klipsch, a company known for producing high-end audio equipment since its founding in the middle of the last century, is no exception. Klipsch made its first foray into the Bluetooth earbud market with its T5 Bluetooth earbuds that are now available from Amazon for only $119 — their lowest price yet.

During our review, the T5s managed to live up to any expectations of audio quality that the Klipsch name may conjure up. The metal-coated carrying case charged via USB-C and carries up to three additional charges for the earbuds, which should last up to 8 hours on a full battery. Unfortunately, the excellent design of the Zippo-inspired case doesn't quite carry through to the earbuds themselves. While the sound quality is excellent, their design is somewhat bulky, and the indicator LEDs are unnecessarily bright.

As you might expect with a product bearing the name of a high-end audio manufacturer, the Klipsch T5s originally sported an alienatingly high MSRP of $200. However, today's deal will give any interested buyers the chance to grab a pair in silver for their lowest price yet.