Whether you're looking to buy a Christmas gift or just want to make your home a little more intelligent, a smart display is worth considering. With this deal, you won't have to choose between these options, as you can get two Nest Hubs for only $100, which is significantly cheaper than purchasing them separately.

If you're unfamiliar with the Nest Hub, it's some sort of a hybrid between a seven-inch tablet and a smart speaker. It can answer daily queries, control smart devices, stream music and videos, play the news, and much more. It can also act as a Chromecast target, so you can watch YouTube and Netflix content, for instance.

Use the link below to get your bundle from Best Buy. You can pick between Charcoal and Chalk Nest Hubs, and mix and match them. There's also free next-day delivery when buying the bundle, so you're sure to get your package in time for the holidays.

Best Buy has brought back its insanely good deal on Nest Hubs, offering 2 for just $100. It's a one-day only deal though, so if you're interested, act sooner than later. You can choose from the charcoal and chalk colors, and once they're added to your cart the discount will be applied, making each of them $49.99. Head to this link to access the deal page.

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