Amazon is a tangled web of third-party chargers and no-name accessories, and finding reliable ones can be an irritating chore. Anker has always clawed their way to the top of the pile in terms of quality and in the instances where they haven't, their customer service is fantastic. Today, Amazon's offering up to 35% off cables, battery packs, car chargers, and wireless chargers if you're in the market.

Our review for the 2-port wall adapter found a few flaws, but Ryne also recommended it at the $44 price point. At an extra $10 off that, you'll find it hard to go wrong.

The portable batteries in particular are a good deal, since they're 37% and 42% off, respectively. The PD battery is great at charging multiple devices or a single device while you're using it, like your Chromebook or Nintendo Switch. There's also lightning cables in the mix if you have any iOS devices.

Amazon's Deal of the Day is usually just that - for the day - so if you're in the market for any of these accessories, make sure to check them out before it's too late.