The TCL Plex was announced late last year at IFA, marking the company's first self-named foray into the world of smartphones, following its success under a host of other brand names. Expectations were high, and the phone's mid-range specs sounded impressive on paper, but it looks like TCL couldn't resist the urge to drag the experience down just a little bit. As part of its brand new Android 10 update, the phone picked up a bit of bloatware in the form of a likely-unwanted game.

The update includes a title called "Modern Combat Rebel Guns" by Gameloft that has been previously included as bloat on some Motorola phones. Notably, the game can't be downloaded via the Play Store, it's apparently exclusively available via the Gameloft store. It can be uninstalled, but it will return on a factory reset.

Changelog and update details, courtesy of TechValue

Other improvements in the Android 10 update include faster and smoother camera performance (including better video stability), a game mode (that will presumably come in handy with your new built-in game), 30 shortcuts for the smart key, a new File Share app, and VoLTE/VoWiFi for EE/O2 in the UK.

The bloat-bundled update clocks in at 2.7GB, so TCL Plex owners will want to be on Wi-Fi before they pull it down.