LG is having a hard time pushing timely software updates even to its flagship range, despite having a dedicated Software Upgrade Center for this exact purpose. The South Korean brand did begin updating a few of its V- and G-series phones to Android 10 in the last couple of months, but not all these releases have yet to see international availability, and many users remain clueless as to when the update notification might pop up on their LG handsets. To smooth their ruffled feathers, LG Italy recently published its Android 10 update roadmap.

While these dates are technically only for Italy in specific, the fact that we're looking at a European nation suggests that we'll see similar availability in nearby countries. The V50 will start seeing its update get broader availability in February, followed by the dual-screen G8X, G8S, V40, and the G7, which will get Android 10-based LG UX 9.0 by the third quarter of 2020. The lower-end K-series handsets from LG should wait for another quarter.

  • February 2020: LG V50
  • Q2 2020: LG G8X
  • Q3 2020: LG G8S, V40, and G7
  • Q4 2020: LG K50S, K40S, K50, and Q60

LG vaguely claims to improve the software experience of its ambitious dual-screen G8X by better utilizing the extra display real estate, aside from adding the usual set of Android 10 features. That still doesn’t justify the tardy release schedule that might negatively contribute to the carrier's plan to turn its mobile business profitable. Samsung, on the other hand, got the drop on LG as its 2019 flagships were running the latest Android version in most regions before the year ended.

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